• 2017 Impact Player Program

    Building the Leaders of Tomorrow Today

  • A Year of Leadership Growth

    a letter from Chris Galy: Chief People Officer, Ten-X

    2017 Capstone + Graduation Video

    "Ultimately, leadership is not about glorious crowning acts. It's about keeping your team focused on a goal and motivated to do their best to achieve it, especially when the stakes are high and the consequences really matter."

    John C. Maxwell

    What a year!

    Congratulations to all of our 2017 graduates.

    Thank you to our executive sponsors, learning coaches and our partners, BlankPage and IvorySky Media.

  • The Journey

    Deep learning sessions with embedded leadership simulations and cultural development.


    GUIDE Bootcamp

    Foundational principles around our operating system for driving goal clarity, unlocking commitment, impactful ideas, decisive action and execution excellence.


    Data + Discovery

    Insights and applications to seeking data and analyzing insights grounded in the methodology of Ten-X by Design.



    Deep learning around the framework of innovation and design focused on designing leadership and cultural language of problem solving and team collaboration.



    Unlocking the skillset of stakeholder management, executive presence, planning and team accountability to guide the journey of forming the capstone team.



    Bringing together the entire learning journey and applying skills learned to present innovative ideas that can be immediately implemented in the business to create impact to the overall mission and vision.

  • Panel Judges

    Our esteemed judging panel consists of our top leaders and executive teams at Ten-X.

    Tim Morse


    Ali Haralson

    EVP, Client Management

    Auction.com, a Ten-X Company

    Linkedin Profile

    Steve Jacobs

    General Manager

    Ten-X Commercial

    Linkedin Profile

    Kristine Chin

    SVP, Customer Experience

    Ravi Keswani

    Chief Technology Officer

    Aman Kothari

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Graduates

    Congratulations to our Impact Player leaders on a fantastic year.

    Make Real Estate Great Again

    Jerry Breedlove

    Shen Chang

    Justin Hu

    Todd Gladis

    Will Huan

    Louis Olson

    Kristina Quinn

    Jorge Tayag

    Jeremy Unruh


    Team 4

    Firas Beydoun

    Raul De La Riva

    Derinda Gaumond

    Robin Hendrix

    Josh Morgan

    Steve Price

    Swasti Sharma

    Elan Sherman

    Daniel Willsie

    Team Beyond

    Michelle Chuang

    Carrie Reed

    Destinee Huffman

    Geoffrey Ryder

    Mike Huang

    Steve Mannix

    Trent Ferris

    It's A Journey

    Matt Cox

    Brad Fitzgerald

    Cho Hwang

    George Lane

    Tyler Ley

    Randa McMinn

    Thatcher Milholland

    Steve Schuster

    Niket Trivedi



    Garrett Deese

    Nicole Cruz

    Cyrus Khadavi

    Lan Pham

    Greg Phillips

    Rohan Senghal

    Tim Taylor

    Andy Walburger

    Executive Sponsors

    Lee Leslie

    Rick Sharga

    Chris Galy

    Colleen Lambros

    Sharmila Patel

    Maureen Waters



  • Capstone Teams

    We set out to solve real business challenges by applying principles of GUIDE and Ten-X by Design.

    Shen Chang presents on behalf of the Make Retail Great Again Team

    Make Retail Great Again

    Our Challenge

    Leverage our existing client base and service model to

    • a) create a complementary retail business opportunity for Ten-X or
    • b) optimize Auction.com operations with a retail product, service or solution. Your focus should be launch an on the ground win for the business in the short or medium term.

    Executive Sponsor: Lee Leslie

    Learning Coach: Cyndee Lake


    Download the presentation

    Team 4

    Our Challenge

    How can we better collect and leverage data about our PTA community to impact growth and development across ADC and build efficiency into our PTA staffing initiatives?


    Areas of Focus: PTA Community, Growth & Dev, Talent Acquisition, Data as a Competitive Advantage


    Executive Sponsor: Chris Galy

    Learning Coach: Ravindra Uidipi


    Download the presentation

    Team Beyond

    Our Challenge

    How do we as a national real estate brand achieve penetration of brand reach and relevance into local markets through operationalizing scalable initiatives and attain recognition of local real estate expertise to help drive GMV and revenue.


    Executive Sponsor: Colleen Lambros

    Learning Coach: Rob Lake


    Download the presentation

    It's a Journey (WINNER: Best Presentation)

    Our Challenge

    What new approaches could we adopt to improve the trade rate of assets on the platform by an additional 10% over forecast?


    Executive Sponsor: Rick Sharga

    Learning Coach: Tracy Ulin and Melissa Vuernick


    Download the presentation


    Our Challenge

    How might CRE surface and utilize new insights from data/business metrics to drive CRE GMV by 10% incrementally to what we have forecasted.


    Executive Sponsor: Sharmila Patel and Maureen Waters

    Learning Coach: Kate Hannah and Michael Larson


  • Relive the Journey

    Video highlights and recaps of our sessions and profiles personal leadership journeys from our 2017 cohort.

    Session Highlight

    Data + Discovery

    Leadership Journey

    Data + Discovery

    Session Highlight


    Leadership Journey


    Session Highlight


    Leadership Journey


  • Our Partners

    We partnered with amazing teams to bring this program to life.

    BlankPage - Experience Design Partner

    BlankPage collaborates with leaders and organizations to unlock untapped potential in themselves and their people. They believe that:

    • Culture is a driving factor in modern business success, but building innovative and creative cultures takes the right mindsets and behaviors. We work with clients to design human-centered environments and initiatives that unlock the imagination and creative intelligence of employees. Putting your customers and people at the center of why you exist and what you do creates cultures of creativity and business wins. Culture is just one of the levers we pull to create growth and value for our clients. 
    • Being design-driven is a purposeful choice and a strategy. We work with leaders to tell their story around their purpose, vision, and strategy. We help our clients to define and develop meaningful strategic initiatives that connect back to their people, customer, and core business goals. Design-driven and human-centered strategies result in empowered people who are creating relevant and impactful business outcomes through creativity. 
    • Well-designed cultures, visions, and strategies need meaningful and relevant experiences that create value for the user. We design and deliver experiences that focus on simplification, valuable application, and real business outcomes. The mindsets and behaviors required to unlock creative intelligence are woven into everything we do, from workshops to strategy sessions and everything in between. Creating human-centered experiences allows your organization to deliver more relevant and intelligent outcomes by changing the way you work.

    Visit them at: www.bpstudio.com 


    "The most distinguishing characteristic is not your strategic ability, your intellectual acumen, or even your emotional intelligence. It is your compassion for people impacted by your work. The most effective leaders are curious, committed, courageous in their pursuit of understanding what others need and why."

    - Cyndee Lake, Chief Purpose Officer

    IvorySky Media - Visual Storytelling Partner

    Ivory Sky Media specializes in photography, videography, and audio services in the California Bay Area including San Jose, Gilroy, Morgan Hill, Pleasanton, Fremont, Union City, Oakland, San Francisco, Sacramento, Napa, and beyond! We bring multiple years of experience to wedding videography, making sure to perfectly capture your special day, so you may relive those moments over and over again. Additionally, we offer complete services for corporate meetings, interviews, and conferences, live events, artistic projects and photography portraits. No matter what stories you want to tell and memories you desire to capture, Ivory Sky Media is the perfect team partner for you.


    Visit them at: www.ivoryskymedia.com 

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